2D Drafting Services

Zinotek offers 2D drafting services of piping, electrical & instrumentation and civil / structural engineering using AutoCAD or Microstation. We are experienced in converting a variaty of drawing formats to CAD formats. Our engineers are able to produce 1:1 CAD drawings according to client’s requirements. Legacy paper drawings can be converted and complied into your latest drawing platforms and information systems.

Zinotek offers the following services:

  • Conversion of paper drawings into digital formats
  • Format conversion between different CAD platforms
  • Conversion of your entire legacy database to intelligent engineering information
  • Conversion of all paper based legacy data including manual sketches, study drawings, as-built drawings into intelligent P&IDs
  • Conversion of PDF/TIFF formats to *.dwg format
  • As-Built Drawings

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Technologies used for Drafting Services:

  • Tools: Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, Solidworks

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