Design Services According to Various Codes

At Zinotek, our pressure vessel specialists have designed numerous pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns and storage tanks according to standards and codes of different regions and countries. The design solutions we use include PV Elite, Compress, NozzlePro, VVD TANK, AMETANK. We have developed our own calculation sheets to maximize efficiency and accuacy. We are also capable of designing non-standard components.

Zinotek offers the following analyses:

  • Horizontal vessel, vertical vessel and column analysis
  • Heat-exchanger analysis
  • Cone, Dome, Umbrella and Floating roof tank analysis
  • Analysis of response to wind and earthquake
  • Stability analysis of columns and chimneys and vortex shedding
  • Pressure vessel fatigue analysis
  • Evaluation and fatigue analysis of heat exchanger expansion joints
  • Residual life-span evaluation of in-service equipment

Additional services:

  • Local stress analysis
  • Flange leakage analysis
  • In-service equipment defect check
  • Evaluation of the discharge of storange tank safety valves
  • Tank settlement analysis

Codes and Standards:

ASME VIII-1, ASME VIII-2, TEMA, EN 13445, PD 5500, AD 2000, WRC 107(537), WRC 297, WRC 368, API 620, API 650, EN 14620 

Related services:

Technologies used for code design services:

Tools: Codeware Compress, Intergraph PVElite, Intergraph VVD, Zinotek Spreadsheet

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