Equipment Engineering Services

Zinotek’s mechanical engineering team offers design services of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat-exchangers, columns and chimneys. Our team has designed over 1000 pressure vessels and served industries including nuclear, defense (submarines), oil & gas, process plant and renewable energy. Our consistent high quality and cost-efficiency suit the needs of many clients that do not want to maintain an in-house pressure vessel engineering capability.

We offer the following analyses:

  • Heat-transfer analysis of heat exchangers, vibration analysis of heat transfer tubes
  • Pressure design and stability analysis of horizontal and vertical storage tanks
  • Pressure design of columns and chimneys, optimization of wall thickness, vibration analysis under wind and seismic load, hoisting analysis
  • Heat exchanger tube-sheet analysis and review
  • Storage tanks analysis (API 650, API 620 and EN 14015)
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) and review of non-standard equipment
  • Fitness-for-Service(API 579)
  • High temperature creep and fatigue analysis
  • Flange leakage and strength analysis
  • Air cooler tube-sheet and high pressure heater analysis
  • Spherical tank leg analysis

Equipment Engineering Services:

Design Codes and Standards:

ASME VIII-1、ASME VIII-2、TEMA、GOST、CODAP、RTOD、EN 13445、AD 2000、PD 5500、API620、API 650、API 579、EN 14015、GB 50341、GB 150、GB 151、JB 4732

Zinotek Advantages:

  • Years of experiences in pressure vessel design and analysis.
  • Accuracy and safety are our top priorities
  • We use latest technologies: Codex、PV Elite、COMPRESS、AMETANK、TANK、ANSYS、ABQUS
  • Piping design in the project taken into consideration if applicable.

Client’s Benefits

  • Ensuring safe operability of pressure vessels
  • Saving on materials and manufacturing costs due to optimization of equipment wall thickness
  • Ensuring safety during lifting, installation and operation
  • When Zinotek designs the entire project, the system design approach will reduce the impact caused by vibration of rotating equipment and pipes