Pipe Stress Analysis (Static & Dynamic)

The safety of piping is crucial to a plant. Zinotek’s pipes stress engineers have years of analyzing and on-site experiences in different projects. Our team is used to solving client’s critical problems on short notice. Based on client’s needs and existing piping system, we give advice on design tools and deliver an optimized solution.

Zinotek offers the following analyses:

  • Analysis and calculation of critical piping systems
  • Stress analysis and fatigue analysis of piping system with high temperature and high pressure
  • Analysis and calculation of cryogenic pipes(LNG,liquid oxygen)
  • Jacked pipe analysis and calculation
  • Calculation of pipes with large diameters, selection of expansion joint type
  • Seismic and wind calculation
  • Key equipment piping analysis and calculation
  • Pipe design in offshore and marine engineering, fatigue analysis of piping,wave load calculation for the offshore pipe

Additional analyses:

  • Local stress analysis
  • Analysis of pipe support and expansion joint
  • Vibration of pipes and equipment
  • Safety analysis of piping systems under water hammer and steam hammer loads

Related services:

Technologies used for Pipe Stress Analysis Services

  • Design tools:  Intergraph CAESAR II, Bentley AutoPipe, PRG PCLGOLD
  • Supplementary tools: ANSYS, Nozzle Pro, FEATools

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