Pipe Flow & Water Hammer Analysis

The design of a pipe flow has a profound impact on the entire piping system. Minor errors in pipe flow design can cause waste of resources, reduction in life-span and in severe cases irreversible consequences.

Zinotek’s hydraulics engineers have the ability to handle complex hydraulics analyses. We offer incompressible and compressible flow analysis of pipe networks. We can optimize your pipe network, perform water hammer analysis, taking into account information obtained from pipe stress analysis, we deliver economical and design meeting required safety standards.

Zinotek offers the following analyses:

  • Pump and valve selection and analyses for pipeline systems
  • Flow distribution optimization of pipe networks, valve switch optimization, valve opening optimization
  • Meeting flow rate requirements of the system, pipe diameter optimization
  • Diameter and valve type selection in discharge system of safety valves
  • Evaluation of pipe insulation, heat-transfer analysis of heat exchangers and pipelines
  • Pressure-transient analysis in pipeline systems
  • Calculation of load in pipelines caused by different transient event

Additional services:

  • Design of settling slurry transportation systems, pipe diameter and slurry pump selection
  • Analysis of blocked flow and flash evaporation
  • Pipe stress caused by transient flow

Client’s Benefits  

  • Reduction in energy consumption, extension of pump and valve life-span
  • Guaranteed stability in the entire pipe network
  • Meeting flow rate requirements of the different systems
  • Ensures operability of system in unexpected events
  • Optimization of system reliability, usability, efficiency and safety, prevent malfunction or leakage of pipes and vessels
  • Solution with high price-quality-ratio and minimal risk

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Technologies used for Pipe Flow and Water Hammer Analysis Services

  • Design tools:AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, Sunrise Pipenet
  • Supplementary tools:Aspen, Fluent

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