Solid Modeling and Drafting

Since the establishment of Zinotek, our engineers have desgined thousands of solid modeling and drafting projects. We strive to maintaining high quality and accuracy of the projects while serving our clients in a timely manner. Our team can also deliver all relevent drawings of equipment, including general assembly drawings and registration drawings. In addition, we are capable of creating Solid Models in Solidworks:

Zinotek offers the following analyses:

  • Design of pressure vessels and storage tanks in Solidworks, generating drawings, ensuring accuracy of drawings
  • Detailed pressure vessel design in AutoCAD and MicroStation. Drawings can be directly used for welding and manufacturing
  • Convert drawings in PDF, image formats to AutoCAD, MicroStation and Solid Models

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Technologies used for code design services:

  • Tools: Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, Solidworks

Water Storage Tank High Pressure Heater SYNTHESIS GAS COOLER Exhaust buffer tank Reheater Crude Main Columns Overhead Exchanger